Databases with Automatic Rebalance Benchmark (TIDB vs YugabyteDB vs CockroachDB)




software developer

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Creating a Rails Application

Creating N1QL Labelled Image Database using Couchbase, FastAPI, and SerpApi

React + custom hook + typescript to download a file through API

Rigging Tip: Driving your Deformations (primarily for Games)

A gif from a educational video on The Last of Us rigging. There is a character’s wrist onscreen. The wrist is moved slightly, and you can see 3 joints inside move to correct the deformations at the write. The wrist joint is then clicked and 3 large and very flattened cones appear — showing the cone reader’s visual representation.

Introducing Descript Podcast Studio

Girl Script Summer of Code Extended Experience as a Research Participant

Grading Students Solution in Kotlin -HackerRank

[LeetCode]#821. Shortest Distance to a Character

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K Prayogo

K Prayogo

software developer

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