Mock vs Fake and Classical Testing

type Obj struct {
*sql.DB // or Provider
func (o *Obj) DoMultipleQuery(in InputStruct) (out OutputStruct, err error) {
... = o.DoSomeQuery()
... = o.DoOtherQuery()
func TestObjDoMultipleQuery(t *testing.T) {
o := Obj{mockProvider{}}
testCases := []struct {
name string
mockFunc func(sqlmock.Sqlmock, *gomock.Controller) in InputStruct out OutputStruct
shouldErr bool
} {
name: `bast case`,
mockFunc: func(db sqlmock.SqlMock, c *gomock.Controller) {
db.ExpectExec(`UPDATE t1 SET bla = \?, foo = \?, yay = \? WHERE bar = \? LIMIT 1`).
db.ExpectQuery(`SELECT a, b, c, d, bar, bla, yay FROM t1 WHERE bar = \? AND state IN \(1,2\)`).
WillReturnRows(sqlmock.NewRows([]string{"id", "channel_name", "display_name", "color", "description", "active", "updated_at"}).
AddRow("2", "bla2", "Bla2", "#0000", "bla bla", "1", "2021-05-18T15:04:05Z").
AddRow("3", "wkwk", "WkWk", "#0000", "wkwk", "1", "2021-05-18T15:04:05Z"))
}, in: InputStruct{...}, out: OutputStruct{...},
wantErr: false,
... other cases
} for _, tc := range testCases { t.Run(, func(t *testing.T){ ... // prepare mock object o := Obj{mockProvider} out := o.DoMultipleQueryBusinessLogic( assert.Equal(t, out, tc.out) }) }
func SqlToRegexSql(sql string) string {
return // replace special characters in regex (, ), ?, . with escaped version
db.ExpectQuery(SqlToRegexSql(ORIGINAL_QUERY)) ...




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K Prayogo

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